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It's been an exciting weekend in the city centre of Antwerp. Thirteen teams assembled at the Outpost Gamecenter for one thing and one thing only, playing some Call of Duty 4. After three teams had to drop out from the originally sixteen signups the admins decided a new structure was best suited to run this event, they switched from a four group tournament to a two group tournament. This was good news for the lesser known teams as they were guaranteed at least five matches versus top teams such as eu flag TCM-Gaming, be flag Antwerp Aces, hu flag Anexis and fi flag YoYoTech.

Those who couldn't make it to Antwerp did not have to worry about missing matches as the KTV eSports broadcasting team were ever so kind to once again clear some days in their schedules to provide live coverage of the entire event. For TLR we had a couple of known faces attending the event; Sean "Seanza" McDougall and Ross "R0SS" Gracie made their way from Scotland and England respectively to motivate our e-series winning team.

Needless to say, this event was not going to be an easy one, with a variety of big names in gaming attending it was hard to predict who would go home with the gold in the end. The eu flag TCM-Gaming side would obviously be one of the main contenders even though they were a mixteam. The other main contenders would be hu flag Anexis who decided to rent a car and drive for a solid 12 hours straight to Antwerp as their flights were canceled due to an accident at the Charleroi airport.


Our first opponents in the groupstages were the eu flag ADEKS mixteam which could not be underestimated as there were some known faces in the lineup. We managed to beat them on mp_strike 13-11. The second match would be against be flag aNimus-Gaming whom we beat very recently in an online tournament, this match would not be much different with a scoreline of 13-9 in our favour. The third team to face was the all Polish lineup of pl flag CEFO, they managed to get the better of us on mp_backlot. While motivation went down there was a fourth game to play was versus one of the tournament's favourites: Anexis. The Hungarians figured we weren't that prepared on mp_backlot and showed no mercy and beat us with utmost ease. Many would think there was no recovering from that. With still two matches to go things weren't looking that good after those two straight losses. Things would turn around though in the next round as we managed to take some of that frustration out on the Dutch/Belgian mixed KnightS team who did not manage to get a hold of us on mp_crossfire. The last fixture of our group would be versus the Russians of ROX[KIS] who got the better of us: 13-9. With the groupstages played we had three wins and three losses and could not really speak of a consistent performance. Still we managed to finish as fourth in group B and advance to the playoff stage of the event.


After a good night sleep the second day of the fourth edition of the Outpost On Fire event got underway. Our first opponents in the knockout stages were familiar faces namely the be flag Antwerp Aces. The Belgians would be highly motivated to avenge their eseries loss a couple of weeks ago. However time would tell a different story... The Aces chose mp_citystreets as the first map and TLR chose mp_crossfire. Many would favour the Aces and considering their solid first place performance in group A nobody could find that anything else but obvious as the Aces were the team on form. As the match got underway TLR immediately showed their desire to get rid of yesterday's inconsistency and proved they could by taking the first six rounds including a showing of immense individual skill by several players. A 10-2 scoreline would conclude the first half of citystreets and pressure was now on the Aces to start performing on their favoured map. They then turned things around and a comeback would almost be on their hands as they had to deny TLR from getting that matchpoint. With the Aces winning round after round it looked like we had lost our grip on the map. Finally after some rounds we would get back to our normal form and finish the map off in style: 13-11 in our favour. A small break was on our hands but not long later the second map would get on it's way. With Matthijs "A_Spec" Hoving excited to finally shoutcast mp_crossfire we would get started and show what we were made of, which we did. With Dimitri "delroo" Decan and Davy "prekii" Spens being the only ones to put up a stronghold for the Aces side it was only a matter of time before TLR would run away with it eventually. Which we did, the match concluded in a straight two mapper as we won 13-10.

Winning from the Aces meant that we had qualified for the first semi final. We would face the strong pl flag CEFO team who had beaten nl flag WinFakt! after a solid performance in two maps. They would continue to show their amazing form against us as both mp_crash and mp_strike concluded in their favour with an astounding 13-4 scoreline meaning they would advance to the final to face hu flag Anexis who had been amazing throughout the tournament.

Even though we had lost the semi final we weren't done playing yet as we had a third place to battle for versus fi flag YoYoTech who had knocked out ru flag ROX[KIS] earlier on but couldn't maintain the same performance versus the eventual winners; hu flag Anexis. The battle for the third place would turn out to be a thriller with the Finns taking the first map; crossfire and TLR taking the second map; backlot. It was all going to be decided on mp_citystreets. Momentum switched from left to right and it looked like YYT were going to take it in the end as they were 12-10 up but some great team performances denied that and we managed to force them into overtime! With momentum swifting towards our side as the Finns were kicking themselves over not being able to close out one of their matchpoints we managed to take it home and secure our third place by winning 4-1.

Final Standings

first place icon hu flag Anexis eSports
second place icon pl flag CEFO
third place icon eu flag The Last Resort
4th fi flag YoYoTech

Overall it has been a great event, we hope to see you at the next one!

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well done boys :D

posted by Holl1s about 5 months ago

Proud of my boys <3

posted by Seanza about 5 months ago

wp guys :

keep it going ;)

posted by akiR0 about 5 months ago

awesome, again! <3

posted by rellie about 5 months ago

so proud, well done guys!

keep the same level of performance up for the entire lan next time and you'll do great!

posted by sil about 5 months ago

well played chaps - took down AA which is always good for the competition <3

posted by pesteh about 5 months ago

wp guys, and pretty nice writeup. :D

posted by Munchies about 5 months ago

Definately good stuff guys :D. To bad we didn't get many complete casts done with you guys and definately bloody sheit that we ended up casting the final :P with all do respect to Anexis and CEFO but even so your's was somewhat more entertaining ;)...should we have casted it.

posted by Smuggy about 5 months ago

Thanks Bas! Yeah such a shame, it would have been an amazing match to cast :P Good job to yourself and the rest of the crew as well!

posted by mean about 5 months ago


posted by sEnzaj about 5 months ago

OURF! :D Was fun!

posted by mean about 5 months ago

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