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posted 6 months ago
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Hi! This a sponsor affiliation from a icelandic counter strike source team called Team Natural.

- The Name as you can see is Natural

- Member Names
name: Narko
steam Id: STEAM_0:0:28844737
name: Max Payne
steam Id: STEAM_0:0:38361442
name: poonx
steam Id: STEAM_0:0:911966 
name: Axel
steam Id: STEAM_0:1:17161018
name: T.H.F.H
steam Id: STEAM_0:1:14428105
name: zmackeR!
steam Id: STEAM_0:0:168859

- The avarage age is 17, but that is just because there is one member that is 23 years old, all others are 16 or 15

- The website we have is - but we are not looking to keep it and we have not really worked anything on it as you see, and it has the old name (bS) and not all the members and some of old members as well.

- We are trying to be as active as we can but, having no server is really hard, considering "stratts" (plans) and just teamplay in itself. We are currently in ED and are looking to play in ESL as soon as possible.

- What we want from you is A 11 slot war server, and a mumble server, not even a mumble server just a channel on your server would do, and that would also make it easier to get involved with other players from LR to mix and stuff. But we do have channels on icelandic mumble servers aswell.

- Why you should sponsor us: Where should i start? Well first of all let me break this down like everybody do, we are active and we are good, not only that but also do all the players have experience in ED and ESL and have previously been sponsored by known communitys such as The CRG and |MOD|. Team Natural is also a hard working and dedicated team that aims high and takes aim at attending all icelandic LANS and online tournaments cup and is looking at the possibilty of attending LANS outside the country in the future. I* know you must get alot of applications daily and that it must be hard to just jump on one team and had out a free server and mumble with out knowing the team nor' the members, but i assure you that Team Natural has everything you could look in for a team and not only on the "field" if so to speek because not only are quality players in Team Natural, there are also quality people who love a good a laugh and just enjoy good times, wether it is winning or loosing or "onfield" or "offield". Now i have not been in this team for very long but these guys all live in the same town, and have all known since they were little boys so they know each other very well and the co-ordination that this team has is amazing. I hope you guys take this application for consideration and atleast send me a polite denial note.
Sincerely, Narko from Team Natural.
p.s Sorry for bad english, as you know i'm from iceland and we don't really have the best english speakers in the world here.

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users_avatar_image posted by pZy

about 6 months ago

Hi Narko / Team Natural


Thank you for taking the time to make an application!

Sadly though, for CS:S we're currently not looking for a team, but goodluck in your search for an org. :)

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