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Counter Strike: Source player, Nam "serp-" Hur takes some time to review the SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse after last month's Epic LAN.


Having overcome the harshness that was Epic LAN, I had to take the positives from the event. I was given the opportunity to play with the Steelseries Xai Laser Mouse throughout the LAN. I must say, it was a very pleasant and appealing experience, having played with just one mouse over 2 or 3 years. I personally prefer a mouse that is sturdy, responsive and comfortable. This mouse by Steelseries overcame my expectations of a gaming mouse by a mile. I was fragging to my heart’s content, albeit limited by my actual in-game ability. I could see why many many gamers very much favour this mouse, the wiring was fool-proof, the texture was smooth with enough friction on the hand, and the buttons were just what I desired. I would like to thank SteelSeries for presenting me this opportunity to review the Steelseries Xai Lader Mouse in greater depth.

Product Specifications


100 - 5001 CPI with 12,000 Frames Per Second and 150 Inches Per Second

~1 mm lift distance

8 programmable buttons

Cable (braided): 2 m / 6.5 ft

Ambidextrous shape

In built LCD Menu on the mouse to enhance customisability

Pro Gamer profile system

Excellent tracking and precision.

Product Dimensions: 5 x 20.5 x 24 cm

Product Weight: 381 g


Steelseries’ product description


“The SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse features state of the art technology and groundbreaking technical specifications. The technology, shape, size, weight and surface of the SteelSeries Xai were designed with one purpose: to enhance the users performance. SteelSeries Xai is a tool - not a gadget.”

Once I received the Xai, the major point I noticed was the weight. It was neither too heavy, nor too light. The mouse does not support interchangeable weights which especially surprised me on how perfectly weighted this mouse was. Most professional gamers take into account the weight of the mouse as it affects the control of the mouse massively. I have talked to several other pro gamers who have the Xai and they have said that the mouse’s weight was suited to their game play. I fully agree with them, this mouse has definitely been made to accumulate the gamer’s performance. This is complemented with the shape of the mouse. The indentations of the side, fits the thumb and forth finger like the glove, while the buttons of the side are equally fitting.


Moreover, the wiring of mice is a consistent thorn to most gamers. Some complain that the wiring malfunctions, others say that the wire is too short. I would like to say that the wiring in the Xai is strong and sturdy as well as non-faulty. The wire is actually not made of rubber but fabric as you can see in the pictures. This prevents coiling of the wire as well as flexibility.


On to the buttons.


The mouse boasts a massive 8 buttons which are all fully customisable. It has 4 extra side buttons with 2 on each side, as well as the middle mouse button and a DPI button just below the wheel. The symmetrical button alignment makes this mouse one of the best ambidextrous mice out there. The side buttons are accessed with the thumb and forth finger. I myself use the left side button to talk on a voice server so these buttons are very important to a gamer like me. It also adds the ‘short cut’ to your gameplay. For example, in Counter strike source you can bind these buttons to your individual weapons. This makes it much easier for you than pressing more buttons to switch to them. Now, I usually have lots of problems with my mice and the middle mouse wheel.


The mice I owned previously had flimsy wheels, making them stuck in-between each scroll so I would scroll twice. Hard to explain, but it definitely did not please me, especially in-game when I use the wheel a lot. The Xai has a decent scroll wheel which ‘snapped’ at each scroll. This makes sure that the wheel functions properly and does not accidently scroll more than once. I particularly liked this feature of the mouse.


I also loved the DPI button placement as it was just below the wheel which is very convenient. I do not use this button much as my game relies on consistent mouse sensitivity. However, for those who do use this feature in mice, it will suit them very well. The DPI button is accompanied with the LCD display on the bottom of the mouse which enables you to choose between gaming profiles. In other words, if you play more than one game and you require different mouse setups, you can quickly change it with a few clicks. Dead easy. Super Convenient.

The performance of the mouse was fully supported by the external features of the Xai. The friction between the mouse and the mousemat was surprisingly great. I actually played a match with the mouse without a mousemat due to my slight malfunction of the brain. However, this did not affect me much as I was still playing like I had a mat. The mouse feet proved that this mouse was built for any surface, meaning 100% functionality for the user. In addition to this, the actual performance when plugged in was again, surprisingly good. I may have used a half decent mouse up till now, but this does not neglect the fact that this mouse was built with the gamer in mind.


The tracking and precision was top notch. This was particularly noticeable in-game as I was aiming well even without practice. It just felt right. Along with the software programme that comes with the mouse makes it so appealing. It configures the SteelSeries FreeMove, SteelSeries ExactSens, SteelSeries ExactAim, SteelSeries ExactRate that significantly enhance the user’s performance as well as the customisability. All of these features, be it the shape, the weight, the features and the functionality were meant to improve performance and are not just for marketing. I give this mouse 3 thumbs up (if that’s possible).

So that's that then. A highly recommended mouse from TLR eSports' very own Nam "serp-" Hur. To purchase the SteelSeries Xai Laser Mouse, or for more information, head over to the SteelSeries website.



Nice review, got Xai myself and its exceptional compared to other mice i've tried so far!

posted by zaNc about 5 months ago

I was gonna write a review on this myself. I have been using the mouse for just over a year now and it is easily by far the best mouse i have ever used. It is a class above the deathadder and i advise anyone on purchasing this!!!

posted by R0SS about 6 months ago

Looks pretty nice! Gief one plz!!!

posted by Seanza about 6 months ago

Seanza says;

Looks pretty nice! Gief one plz!!!


posted by pesteh about 6 months ago

nice review serp! this is the mouse i'd next get for sure :)

posted by rellie about 6 months ago

Too bad if you don't clean it the sensor just dies, whenever i play with mine it's like i have parkinsons, cos the laser reacts to dust and what not in it.

posted by PatrickG about 6 months ago

That's what you get for not cleaning your mouse! :D

posted by Seanza about 6 months ago

great review serp nice work

posted by chefinal about 6 months ago

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