Pre E-Series Interview - God Is With Us

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Pre-Event Interview - God Is With Us

Here we are again with our last pre-event interview, for this occasion we've interviewed a rather successful mixteam, they're called God Is With Us.
Four out of five members plays in a top team but for an occasion like the e-series tomorrow they've gathered once again, their last LAN win together was at Frag o Matic 12, now they're back and ready for some more, the only replacement in the team is nl flag Nick Toxjee Hol replacing se flag Adam Mumma Timle-Händel.

Nice to see you guys attend another LAN as a "mix team", the last time you've played together on LAN was at the Frag-O-Matic 12.1 which you won. The only change in your lineup is toxjee playing instead of Mumma, what is the team's goal for this event?

Our goals are to have a great time and to win the event obviously like the previous!

What do you think about the concept of the E-Series? (Being a one-day-LAN)

Fantastic, it means we can chill out and win our money faster.

What do you think the top 3 at the E-Series will be and why? Will there be any upsets?

We expect Running With No Shoes to win this event! because Aerox will drop 30 bombs!

A couple of you will also attend the Gamersject Winter Challenge where you're likely to face each other, what are your expectations of GWC?

1. TCM
2. PWR
3. OX

Stevy, your team has been undergoing some lineup changes, has it affected the playing style of the team or did raz and Lighters simply fit in from the start?

They both fit very well and the team plays better also.

Choobie, you're attending the GWC with ButtonBashers, along with your brother in the lineup, do you enjoy playing together in the same team?

Yes always been a dream of mine

Cozje, people say you can handle the deagle quite well. Would you say you're the best player with the deagle or do you think that that's a bit exaggerated?

I havent played everyone in the world yet so I can't really say i'm the best, but there is only one i know that can beat me with the deagle kills or do the same shots that I can and that is Tinus qure van de velde, he has been playing with me for about 2 or more years now and he is like a copy of me.

What are your thoughts on the new MYM lineup attending GWC and do you think the return of MYM to the CoD4 scene will be beneficial to CoD4?

I expect them to be in the Top 10 EU anytime soon, And i really hope they can be a big benefit to CoD4


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