An interview with A_Spec

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An interview with A_Spec

We are delighted to post you yet another interview today, this time it's not a player but a shoutcaster, no one other than Matthijs A_Spec Hoving, known for his numerous appearances as a shoutcaster for QuadV, his latest LAN appearance as a caster was at the previous i-series and tomorrow he will be shoutcasting the matches at the e-series!

Can you introduce yourself for the people that do not know you?

I'm Matthijs Hoving, though my online persona is more commonly known as A_Spec. I've been doing commentary for a company called QuadV since it's inception three years ago. Currently preparing various interesting projects in the esports scene and finishing my degree.

You will be celebrating your 25th birthday on the e-series, congratulations! how did you end up saying yes to shoutcasting it in the first place?

I had the pleasure of working with KAOStv at Dreamhack Winter, apparently they were impressed enough with my work to ask me to do the second CoD4 event of e-series. And to be honest, it's easy for me to get to and I love LAN. It was a no brainer really!

The last time we saw you shoutcasting a CoD4 LAN was the latest edition of the i-series, what do you like about the i-series?

i-series has always been an interesting case for me, the 33rd installment was my first LAN outside of Holland and I have a ton of friends who work the floor there. So iseries for me is more of a social thing is anything else. Then again, I never see going to LAN as a job, it's all done in good fun, in addition, iseries is generally a challenge as you have to change your casting style as you go out over a PA system at the stage. which can be annoying, but for the rest, an enjoyable event.

You're working for QuadV as a shoutcaster, could you tell us a bit more about the history of QuadV?

The company was started by ReDeYe and Jester in 2007 in order to fill the gap that was left when iTG and TsN collapsed. Over the years we covered events of all sizes. From the huge lans like the WCG world finals to the smaller ones like the Crossfire series. Plus we were one of the sources of commentators for the now defunct Championship Gaming Series. We're a small team, but professional to the end.

As a shoutcaster for QuadV you've been all over the world to shoutcast eSports matches, which event did/do you like the most?

Well, that's kinda like asking which of my children I like the most not that I have any, mind you. Each event is different, and impacts you in a different way. Sure, the epic scale of the WCG 2009 grand finals in Chengdu was amazing in it's own right and I do think that event impressed me the most. However, I also have great memories of CPC2 in Enschede, Holland. Overall, each event has it's pros and cons, so I can't really say which one was the best to date.

What is your favourite game to shoutcast and why?

My favourite game has to be UT2004, that game still has a special place in my heart. Mainly because it was the first game that I casted. First love, best love applies in this case. Still, There's nothing more relaxed then casting Carom3d on a sunday morning at a WCG final, so relaxing. I think it's the jazzy music they use that does it.

Have you ever actually played any games on a semi-decent level or better?

The reason I started out with UT is because I used to play first division level in that game. However, I don't think that I actually actively played any of the games I've casted over the years, Ofcourse there are a few exceptions like Team Fortres 2, CS:S, SupCom and CoD4. But for the rest, not really.

Are you looking forward to shoutcasting tomorrow?

I always look forward to doing commentary , I do it for the sheer amounts of fun I get out of it, plus I really enjoy going to LAN's so it's a Win-Win situation for me.

A-Spec thank you for having me interview you and taking the time on such short notice even on your birthday! Any last shoutouts?

Sure, shoutout to Trentham Plow and ESM for being my favourite wastes of time, and to all those that continue listening/watching to me ramble on stream!


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Really good interview. Thanks to Matt for agreeing to this even though we asked him at the last minute!

posted by Seanza about 8 months ago

Hot stuff lads!

posted by mean about 8 months ago

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