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I would like to quickly introduce myself before you jump into my story of the weekend, I am MAGUER Maël and I am 20 years old. I live in Bordeaux in the South-west of France, where I’m currently at business school, studying for masters in Marketing and Finance.

Anjougame Day One

Having a “minor” issue with the shirts meant I had to wait around, hoping that they may actually arrive on time, alas, clearly an effort in futility. I left at around 5pm, only to then face traffic, which ended up delaying our arrival at Anjougame until around 8pm – a good start to proceedings!

Others arrived around that time, and as usual, it was time for our McDonalds. It was cool to see each other again, and obviously, to see some new faces like mj <3.


Setup went without too many issues, mj’s pc was rented on location and lacked a few of his essential drivers but I’ll try not to bore you so much with those details :)

With our preparation completed, we had only one choice, drinking and having some fun with all my mates - obviously in a strictly professional manner. We got back to the hotel at like 5am to relax for a whole 3hours… TROLOLOL

Anjougame Day two

The second day of Anjougame was pretty busy - a lot of matches were scheduled and the team had to start performing. The first of many was due to start at 9pm. I figured redbull breakfast would make sure I’m ready to drop the bombs!


Group Stages

The groupstages didn’t prove to be too tricky (no offense to those we beat). The first match was useful to home in our setups and ensure everyone was ok – essentially a warm up for the playoffs.

We had a couple of matches that, on paper, suggested we’d have to work for it. Both French teams were of a similar level, however, we ultimately found that winning these matches and ending up top in the group wasn’t a tricky endeavor.

Here's a recap of our groupstages matches:

  • TheLastResort VS LesFousDuRoi :14-0
  • TheLastResort VS Coulommiers :22-1
  • TheLastResort VS LaRésistance :14-0
  • TheLastResort VS enDemic :17-1
  • TheLastResort VS Red Label :13-2
  • TheLastResort VS dream :6-2
  • TheLastResort VS UBITEAM :6-1

The Group

# Team Pts Win Draw Loose Average
1 The Last Resort 21 7 0 0 85
2 dream 18 6 0 1 40
3 UBITEAM 15 5 0 2 41
4 Red Label 12 4 0 3 23
5 enDemic 9 3 0 4 -21
6 LesFousDuRoi 6 2 0 5 -49
7 LaRésistance 3 1 0 6 -60
8 Coulommiers 0 0 0 7 -59

Playoff Stages

After the group stages we went on to play the upper bracket round 1 versus akings. We won the match 19-1.

Coupe de France Final

With Anjougame hosting the “Coupe de France” Grand Finals, a competition that we had participated in, up to this point, online. To get to this point, we had faced 3DMAX in match that proved to be testing - taking the win, 7-5.

Given that the final was on stage, we were under pressure to put on a good show and bring home the bacon!


It proved to be one of the more interesting match-ups of the LAN - mysTix are a great team with a lot of experience!

We had decided on Harrington, with mysTix opting for Lennon. Lennon was first up, we were axis: we had a lot of difficulties for the first few minutes but soon got into our stride – we started to turn up our game after strong defense session on our first flag and start fullcaping! We won the first map 8-0 - the match was all ready made!

Next up, Harrington - one of my favourite by the way. I managed one of my best rounds of the LAN, securing 36 bombs on ally side making us winners the map, 10-1.

The match ended with an 18-1 win for us. It was a great result, especially given the pressure involved with being on stage, more so versus an opponent in the form of mysTix - who gave us a scare at the beginning of the match!

With that win, we gained our entry fee back and had our motivation to get back to the playoffs!

Back to Playoff

The second upper bracket round was versus ROAR, a team we were most anxious to face. The maps that were played were Harrington (our map) and anzio (their map). ROAR is a team who is ranked top5 in Europe with very good players involved with a national team. Our game was solid: every one of us managed to perform astoundingly. ROAR weren’t able to break us and we secured another emphatic win, 20-4. We were exceptionally pleased with the result, giving us the confidence we needed for the remainder of the playoffs!

The third upper bracket round was versus 3DMAX, one of our main rivals! We’d previously lost to them in an online game and were keen to set things straight.

2am comes along, we’re tired, but have to be focus on the match to move onto the upper bracket final - we needed to win the match to bring a successful close to the day! We were confident, but didn’t want to underestimate our opponents. We were happy to bring the game to an end without too many hiccups, winning 10-1.

Time to sleep!

Anjougame Day Three

Sunday started well with a little more sleep than usual – we just needed to focus on our match.

The upper bracket final took place at about 11am, we were facing a team that had beat all odds, at least in our view, to get to that stage. The match itself isn’t worth talking about too much: they didn’t seem to take us seriously, playing like public players, using flame weapons. We won.

Grand final vs 3DMAX:

After our great result versus 3DMAX on Saturday night, we were confident we could go on to win the event, moreover, our upper bracket route meant we had the map advantage, game on! Playing on our map, Harrington (my fav map :p), we started the match in an aggressive way, putting 1 fullcap in only 45 seconds. We focused and knew we just needed stick with the game plan. The game went well and won the grand final 9-1.


Some stats to peruse:

  akiR0 HaVoK mj Bouh Vana pentii
Total LAN 918 909 742 795 799 682
Rank first place icon1 second place icon2 third place icon3 4 5 6
Frags/min 1,590 1,546 1,283 1,275 1,336 1,224
Frags/15min 23,850 23,191 19,243 19,123 20,047 18,361
50+ /20min 0 1 0 0 0 0
40+ /20min 5 2 0 0 2 0
30+ /20min 1 1 1 1 0 0
20- / 20min 1 0 2 2 2 3
15- / 15min 1 0 5 3 3 4


  • MVP group phaseakiR0
  • MVP playoffsHaVoK
  • Best fragger TOTAL LANakiR0

Shoutouts: Obviously, Seanza and pesteh for being awesome + the other teams for supporting us!

Also a shoutout to the ROAR and mysTix guys and to dream who take be back to home. And lastly, everyone else I met at the LAN and spoke with!

It was an awesome LAN, we had a great time at Anjougame and hope to see you guys at the next event!



Awesome LAN, awesome mates, awesome organization, awesome blog.

posted by Vanargand about 4 months ago

nice blog =)

posted by sEnzaj about 4 months ago

looks a great lan and very nice blog m8, well done

posted by chefinal about 4 months ago


posted by Bouh ! about 4 months ago

Nice read, and once again well played guys

posted by pZy about 4 months ago

Amazing blog! Proud of you guys <3

posted by Seanza about 4 months ago

Nice guys, too much skill tho .... perfect path on that event nothing to add except :  Bouh! go mix! :D

posted by M4st3r about 4 months ago

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