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Hey reader. 


Got some pretty interesting content to share today. Not only my own thoughts, but I have an interview with Cristian 'Trance' Tamas from Level Up TV


So the topic is "eSports today", and I'm going to look at what is really going on with the scene. It's changed a lot in a short amount of time, and that's mainly thanks to the release of Starcraft 2. Being one of the hottest titles right now, fans can enjoy a live streamed game of Starcraft 2 with their favorite players at any hour of the day. There are a countless amount of streams running 24/7, and tournaments and leagues are available at all times also. But this I feel has been nothing but a pain in the ass for me and a few other people. 

I've always been a fan of all eSports titles, be it Counter-Strike or Warcraft III. I like the diversity in the games and the fact that eSports is not just ONE thing, it's a lot of things! RTS, FPS and MOBA, they all have their glory. What saddens me is that all the energy is put into one game. I guess the old classics aren't attracting a lot of new players while Starcraft 2 does just that, but it's a shame to see that these EPIC titles are not getting the attention they deserve. Maybe they need more dedicated people, more prize money or just a larger playerbase, whatever it is I think it's disturbing to see them outshined by a game with good graphics. SC2 is essentially SCBW with less eyecancer, so why didn't we people in the west worship BW as much as we do with SC2? 


Here is my interview with Trance on the subject 


Do you think that the launch of Starcraft 2 dramatically increased the population of the eSports community as a whole? 

No, I would not say dramatically but I think it did help it grow faster than the usual rate.

Do you think that the success of SC2 had any significant negative impact on other competitive titles from other genres, such as Quake Live or Counter-Strike? 

Yes and I have experienced this 1st hand. During Dreamhack Summer 2010 our QuakeLive stream had around 9000-10000 viewers at it's peak. Starcraft 2 did not have a tournament for this event. Then at Dreamhack Winter 2010 which we covered on the spot, the QuakeLive stream could only reach around 6000 at it's peak. Starcraft 2 had a tournament for this event... Counter-Strike has been less affected imo.

What would you say is the key ingredient for a game to be viable competitively, and to survive in the long run? 

A mix of listening to your community, trying to keep the game fun/entertaining to an extent that would not affect it's esport side and good marketing.

Which game(s) do you think will grow or establish themselves as an eSport in the near future? 

- LoL seems to be a prime candidate atm, even tho it's not really a typical esport suited game. But being so highly popular it will push it's way into esports very soon (Dreamhack already announced a 100.000 dollar tourney for DH Summer). But I think it will be short lived in esports, same as WoW was. It would be interesting to see if Battlefield 3 will be able to match and surpass CoD in esports.

What would you like to see more of in the eSports scene right now? What's missing?

- Professionalism. Starting with major organizations/events paying off the prize money within 1-2 weeks of tournament completion and not 1-2 years. Also the scene is missing dedicated people to help it grow, people that don't just seek quick and easy profits or fame.

Excited about QL TDM at Dreamhack this summer?

- I surely am! toxjq is back, that only makes it even more exciting imo. I am just hoping for a nice show made by at least 8-10 teams, and some epic games. 



So there you have it, the latest addition of this stupid blog, by me. Hope you enjoyed it. 


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